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Default New sundown build

Welp, i got tired of the sa8v2, i did build a new box for it and it sounded 10x better, loud enough that im happy with it in the protege so i pulled out the sa12 in there. I found a second sa12 on CL for 120 and now im going to build a aero port box for both of them and stick them on 1200-1500 rms...

I can get 4.04 cuft back there before displacements, this is why i chose aeroport box. I can meet the 1.75 per sub after displacements. Barely, but i can. Lol. Probaby going with 2 4" ports and maybe doing the box in either black, red, or mossy oak. I might be picking up a pioneer gm9106, it does 1200rms at 1 ohm and actually has great reviews and does a little over rated, hes asking 120. Hopefully i can get it all together by next week!!!

Ooh, and it anyone wants a jl 12w7 with a box for 250 in tulsa, and that was his first price. I just gotta get a amp right now. Lol
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