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Exclamation Jiffy Lube--Edmond

DONT GO!!!!!! They will screw you and if you dont let them they will try and ruin you engine.

Here is what happend, and my letter to Jiffy Lube Corporate... Please read and share. I posted on the public side also, hope that was OK. I don't want anyone to have to go through this--except those A-holes at this Jiffy Lube. Karma!

Jiffy Lube Store # 2301, Edmond, OK

Saturday 3/22/2014 I went to the Jiffy Lube in Edmond to have the oil changed in my 1988 Jeep Wrangler. I was feeling lazy as I normally do all of the service work on this vehicle myself but that day I thought it would be nice to drink a cup of coffee and read a magazine while somebody else took care of the dirty work.

So I pulled up to the store and the greeter told me to go inside and they would call me up to get my information. After a bit I see my jeep roll into the service bay and the guy and the counter calls me up. In that order-- this is an important detail as you will see later.

I give him all of my details, name address etc. We get to the part about the service and he explains the different levels…I tell him just the basic (about $30) and I need 10-40 weight oil (fairly standard for older vehicles). The guy at the counter tells me he didn’t think he stocked that weight oil, but he would go check. A moment later the manager come back and tells me he doesn’t stock 10-40 and that all he had was 5-30 and 5-40 weight oil, if I wanted 10-40 then he would have to order it and the oil change would be $60. I said no thanks’, I’ll take it someplace else.

This is where the service gets bad.

The manager tells me that they have already drained the oil and I had to either take what they have or pay $60. I had not signed a work order or given them permission to do anything to my vehicle at that time. I tell him he didn’t have my authorization to anything to my vehicle. “Why would you do anything to a vehicle without asking what the customer wants done first?” The manager gets defensive because I tell him he “F’ed” up and he needs to make it right. He refuses; basically holding me and my jeep hostage to buy either an over-priced service or one I don’t want or need. I ask how he was going to fix this and he says “either put in what we have or pay $60” he offered no concession or solution. I start getting angry.

I tell him to push my jeep out and not to do another damn thing to it!!!! He said “With no oil?” I said “PUSH IT OUT!!!”

So I walk a block down the street to O’Reilly’s Auto Parts and buy six quarts of 10-40 oil, walk back and put it in my jeep. I check the level then fire it up to check for leaks.

NOW this is where it gets real bad!

The service tech removed my oil filter then reinstalled it WITHOUT the gasket. THIS WASN’T AN ACCIDENT, THIS WAS DONE ON PURPOSE TO TRY AND SABOTAGE MY ENGINE. I have changed my own oil for years, even work as a mechanic in high-school--rule 1 with oil filters is check the gasket!
You’re lucky I checked for leaks because the engine would have pumped all of the oil out in a matter of minutes and ruined the engine.
I have had poor service before, but I have never had someone try and destroy my property because I wouldn’t purchase their service!

I should have called the police and filled charges. Since I didn’t think of it at the time and that ship has sailed. I am spreading my story all over the internet!

Please remit a check in the amount of $175.00 to cover my time and expenses related to this event.

cc: Jiffy Lube Customer Service
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