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Default Ideas for Website expansion

So I know that posting will help bring the site back to life. But it cant be just us 4 or so posting. That wont do it. We need to spread the wealth so to speak. I was thinking along with word of mouth if we could get some Business card like things to pass along to local trucks we see. Just a thought.
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Y'know I don't know if we ever tried cards. In the beginning we didn't need them. The members that we had back in the day were very active and didn't mind showing off their trucks even if they weren't perfect. We had gtgs and attended shows as a group. These activities always attracted at least a few people and we usually picked up a couple new members each time. If you want active members you have to be active. People usually aren't interested if they get a random card, and less so if they're not doing something car/truck related.

I appear to be the only one still attending shows or cruises ...and not as much as I'd like to anymore.

One of the other things that we used to do was go on RAM Forumz and GPMM and troll for members. This was tolerated at one time because we were sister forums, but I can tell you GPMM has pretty much died. I still have a handful of GPMM cards in my truck..never think to pass them out and am usually too busy or going the wrong way.

I'd say if you've got word and have a business card program, try making some cards and posting them up.

BTW, the last thing I'd want to do is discourage you from trying to give out a card. This used to be a good idea just a few years ago People in your area may also be a bit more receptive.
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