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Default Magnum Engine Plenum Repair DIY

Here is a full DIY on a plenum plate and gasket repair for a 2001 Dodge Ram. Disclaimer: I nor ORC are responsible for anything you do to your truck. This is strictly a DIY, no one is responsible for what you do. Here we go:

First off, take off the intake or air breather box, whichever you have.

Next: disconnect battery (should've done it first...)

Then remove the wiper fluid and coolant boxes along with the fan shroud and radiator. 4 bolts for the shroud and 2 for radiator.

Next take the drive belt loose

Then remove 4 bolts for A/C compressor (pic is after it's removed) And take loose two connectors off of it. A bracket will come out with it, it sits on top of the compressor.

Move compressor to the passenger side fender

Next remove the altenator (2 bolts) and 2 connecters

After that remove the accessory bracket (5 bolts) one bolt is underneath a pully. Just remove the pulley and you can get to it easily.

Then remove the heater hose and coolant hose. The coolant hose goes to the thermostat.

Next remove the injector lines

Remove the throttle cables
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The only thing other than the bolts holding down the manifold is the fuel rail. Going to either have to get a fuel rail removel tool or a quick disconnect tool like shown in the pic. We used a 3/8" disconnect and it came right off.

Remove the bypass intake coolant hose. It's a good idea to replace that as well.

Now it's time to pull the bolts from the intake. There are 12 of them, remove every single one of them and hopefully if you bought new bolts as replacements, then throw the old ones aside. Shouldn't use the old ones anyway because you won't be able to torque them down to specs.

Before you pull of the manifold, pull the 4 bolts and take off the throttle body. You want to get that out of the way so it won't get screwed up. It'll look like the pic below when you do it.

Now pull the intake manifold from the engine. When you do this is what you'll see.

And here is the bottom side of it, the dark thing is the plenum plate. Pic below that is the inside of the plenum plate, notice the oil pooling.

Now you can go two ways, do what we did and pull the valve covers and replace those gaskets as well or don't. Your choice. Here's what it looks like underneath there.

Take the valve covers and intake manifold outside and clean them. I used engine degreaser, dish soap, a toothbrush and water to clean them. Make sure you get as much oil out of the intake as you can.

Here are the new valve cover gaskets.

Now time to put on the new aluminum plate and gasket. DO NOT use any gasket sealer on the plenum gasket. Use the NEW bolts that came with the kit. There are 15 of them. Use blue thread lock on them.

Now put the valve covers back on. You don't need to put any gasket sealer on it.

Here's what it looks like down the holes on the manifold. Notice the shiny aluminum

Now put on the new manifold gaskets. Use black rtv gasket sealer where the ends meet on the gaskets.

Time to put the manifold back on. Bolt the throttle body back on as well

Bolt it down with the NEW bolts that came with the kit. There are 12 of these.

Then put the fuel rail back on. Be careful putting it back in.

Put the thermostat back, I, along with many others reccommend to put a 180 tstat in place of the 195. I did and it is worth the $6 to have your truck run a little cooler.

Put the accessory bracket back along with the altenator, a/c compressor and all the connectors that go with them.

Put the throttle cables back in place.

Attach all vacuum lines and connectors that are still free.

Put the radiator and fan shroud back on.

Attach all the hoses back. Refill the radiator with new coolant. Put back the coolant bottle and wiper fluid bottle on the shroud.

Put the breather back on the throttle body.

Make sure everything is back where it went and you should be good!

And here is a vid of when we first started it back up. Notice that there is no air leak. It was LOUD before and now it is smooth

And here mine is all put back together!

Anyone needing help with this or have any questions just shoot me a pm and I'll see what I can do.

Hope everyone enjoyed my Plenum Repair DIY

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