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Originally Posted by Matt View Post
2009 Dodge RAM
Item Size Depth Location
Headunit double DIN center of dash
Left Front Speaker 6 x 9 left front door
Left Front Tweeter 3.5 left front dash
Right Front Speaker 6 x 9 right front door
Right Front Tweeter 3.5 right front dash
Left Rear Speaker 5.25 left rear door or B-pillar
Left Rear Tweeter
Right Rear Speaker 5.25 right rear door or B-pillar
Right Rear Tweeter
Center Channel 2.5 top center of dash
Subwoofer 10 behind center of rear seat
little off, but close!

6x9s in all doors. 3.5s in all 3 on the dash. sub is an 8.

BUT, nice info here man
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