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Originally Posted by BMRbrnSNRbrd View Post
Dodge did this for emissions and emissions only. WAYYY back in the day (like before any of us were around) there used to be little tubes that would just let this condensed oil drip onto the ground as needed, but that's not something anyone can do anymore.

What this setup does is put a two chamber can in line between the PCV valve and the throttle body. The top chamber, where both hoses connect, has a filament inside similar to steel wool. The steel wool allows the vapors to condense and then drop down into the second chamber (that you see me holding) for collection.

I figured this was a joke until seeing pics of an LX Hemi opened up for a cam/head swap and all the oil everywhere it shouldn't be. I ordered one, installed it, and instantly picked up a hand calculated .5 mpg increase and the comfort of knowing that my truck is no longer breathing it's own oil.
Just an FYI...the "drip tube" hasn't been around since the early 1960's when the first PCV valve was required by the feds. Fully enclosed systems where the breather end got it's air from the air cleaner showed up around '68. I remember that on my dads '68 mustang.

Normally....proper valve cover baffling keeps you from sucking in large amounts of oil through unless your crankcase pressure is high. That used to occur from worn rings, and when the system got overun, it pumped it elsewhere...usually out a gasket.

I haven't studied a new Hemi closely, but one thing I noticed is that the valve covers are almost non existent. Since there's little room for baffling I'd bet your pcv vacum does indeed pick up more "oil fog" from inside the valve cover than it should.

I'd say the engineers goofed... digesting oil causes pinging and unless internal materials have changed it will plug your catalytic converter quicker.
I'm suprised JC Whitney or someone else didn't think of this sooner for high mileage cars.
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