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I have no idea on the SRT wheel weights. My plan is to keep rolling mass down as much as possible though. That's the biggest impact on MPG. According to the Body Builder site, the sport wheels are 33 lbs. The GY SRA tires are 40 lbs. So, I'd at least like to stay around 80lbs per corner. Looking at the sizes available, once you get over the stock size, the weight jumps up a lot. A 305/55/20 Toyo ATII is 74 lbs!

Here's some info I've found on various tires in stock size as well as the weights of the stock wheels.

Goodyear SR-A: 40 lbs
Toyo ATII: 43 lbs
Cooper AT3: 48 lbs
Cooper Zeon LTZ: 53 lbs

Laramie Wheels: 32.2 lbs
Sport Wheels: 33.2 lbs
Longhorn Wheels: 34.5 lbs
R/T 22" Wheels: 34.9 lbs

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